Smiling faces at “A Circus with a Purpose”

OneSource Center thanked hundreds of nonprofit friends and their families at the “A Circus with a Purpose” event on Sunday, October 25, 2020. The Drive-Through Circus event received lots of “thumbs up” and we were thrilled to share in this fun and safe outdoor circus-themed experience with you! Be sure to check out all 3 pages of happy faces (click to enlarge)!

NLIGC EXCEL Program Enhanced: OneSource Center Consultants Guide Future Leaders

One year ago, who could have anticipated the rapidly evolving business climate that today’s nonprofit leaders would be asked to navigate? The training of adaptable, agile, confident nonprofit leaders has never been more important than it is today. OneSource Center’s consultants in partnership with Tabert House continue to be key players in program direction and training of the NLIGC (Nonprofit Leadership Institute of Greater Cincinnati) EXCEL Senior Leader Development Program, and recently welcomed the 15th class into its ranks.

Due to pandemic gathering restrictions, this is the first year the entire program is being held virtually, moving from a once-a-month/all-day/in-person format to a bi-weekly/half-day/virtual format. The program continues to evolve, incorporating input from EXCEL graduates and tailoring the program to fit changing needs in team development and management skills, even more of an issue with remote workforces. The new virtual format is a combination of whole-class teaching, breakout room topical discussions and polls — giving participants opportunities to interact and stay engaged. Participants are able to absorb curriculum materials, do their assignments, and apply what was learned in their own nonprofit reality. The bi-weekly curriculum keeps topics “top of mind” and easy to put to use in “real time.” The class runs for 17 half-day sessions over 9 months, with a May graduation.

Each student in the program is assigned a coach, and the pair meet monthly to discuss class topics and issues the nonprofit leader is handling. OneSource Center consultants staff this component of the program as well.  This one-on-one coaching portion of the EXCEL program is often described as the “icing on the cake” for participants in the program. Having access to this coach for the 9-month period gives time to develop ideas, get input, implement and get individualized guidance along the journey.

The program is a significant undertaking and commitment for OneSource Center consultants who are either designing or leading programming or are meeting monthly with the student they are coaching. The program is led by Michael Katz and Joe Kane, with the coaching component led by Jeff Gushin and Sheri Vogel. In early summer (prior to enrollment) all candidates for the EXCEL program are interviewed by this 4-person team to assure they are a good match for the program. Then, utilizing StrengthsFinder tools and an understanding of participant needs, Jeff and Sheri, working with Connie Hinitz, OneSource Center Manager of Volunteers, make coaching matches that will benefit the candidate’s development and make a “fit” personality-wise.

Special thanks to all OneSource Center consultants for giving of their time and talent to developing this next group of nonprofit senior leaders:

  • Joy Albi
  • Peter Bloch
  • Tai Elemide
  • Dick Fencl
  • Nancy Friend-Schnurpel
  • Jeff Gushin
  • Randy Harris
  • Fred Heyse
  • Ruth Joffe
  • Tom Johnson
  • Kathy Kaspar
  • MK Kaushik
  • Michael Kennedy
  • Darlyne Koretos
  • Craig Kowalski
  • Carol Leigh
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Brian Robson
  • Chris Solomon
  • Carol Sparks
  • Dennis Stark
  • Rod Trombley
  • Sheri Vogel

OneSource 2020 Online Raffle

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Facing Pandemic Hardships Head On

“Business as usual” is certainly not the norm of late, but for an organization that deals with trauma and toxic stress in the “normal” course of business, when the time came to seek help for organizational pandemic response – Tristate Trauma Network did not hesitate. “Who could have anticipated the stressors COVID-19 would put on our organization as well as the organizations in our network? We needed help.” said Executive Director Melissa Adamchik.

The organization, which focuses on community-wide prevention of and recovery from trauma and toxic stress, was in the midst of a financial crisis due to the loss of funding due to COVID, and needed immediate assistance. A board member had worked with OneSource Center in the past, and recommended they be contacted. Adamchik said OneSource Center’s quick response time was incredible, and within a short amount of time the organization was able to modify their business plan to focus on available resources and services currently needed in the community and to utilize board members in the process as well. Adamchik also began working with a OneSource Center coach, Ruth Joffe, and she recommends this process whole-heartedly. Said Adamchik, “We are a small nonprofit in the midst of a storm, so having both a coach and a team of experienced professionals available to provide calm, practical advice and perspective has been a tremendous assist.”

The process of self-examination, directed by OneSource Center consultants, caused staff and board members to look hard at the organization’s mission and at new program ideas to support growth. “Having new sets of eyes helps organizational leaders step back and reexamine areas they might not have thought of before,” said Brian Robson, project co-lead. “One of our roles as consultants is to bring our work experience to bear helping organizations think ‘outside the box’, to help them examine their business model, and to ask tough questions. Is the current income stream sustainable? Should programs be offered in a different way? How are you gaining members? How can your resources be offered to others in expanded formats? I am honored to be part of the process here that utilizes these skill sets for community good.”

An additional service offered to Tristate Trauma Network was targeted grant research assistance, offered by OneSource Center consultant Joe Linahan. (See related story.) “Our organization does not have a development staff, so delving into research on additional funding options was very time consuming and we were delighted to have some assistance with it,” said Adamchik. “Having this list of grantors with an affinity for organizations like ours is extremely helpful and will direct our efforts in a targeted way to do more good in the markets we serve.”

Through this consulting and coaching process, the organization has been given breathing room to move forward through this process of growth. “Thank you OneSource Center for providing the framework to make our financial position and our mission stronger. With your support, more in the community will be helped, and this is the end result we all want,” said Adamchik.

Interactive Map Pandemic Childcare Providers

4C for Children has created an interactive map of the current Pandemic Child Care Providers in Southwest Ohio and the Miami Valley. Visit the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services webpage for more information: Coronavirus Pandemic Child Care Information for Families.

4C for Children can help connect families of health, safety and essential workers with Pandemic Child Care Providers. Call us at 800-256-1296 x1330, submit an online request, or email families@4cforchildren.org.  


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