OneSource Center Membership

What is OneSource Center?

OneSource Center provides trusted services, products and connections to Greater Cincinnati area nonprofits – helping nonprofits enhance their impact in the community. OneSource Center provides solutions that help nonprofits thrive. Whether the need is for office furniture or items to help improve a nonprofit’s mission in other ways; we have our Common Goods Store, an entire warehouse of goods available for a low administrative fee. Our consulting services, coaching, leadership development trainings, community calendar, online resources, and more are available to assist and guide.

Why Become a OneSource Member?

When you sign up to be a OneSource Center Member, you’re signing up for access to Greater Cincinnati’s only all-encompassing resource center for nonprofits. Whether you choose our basic or premium membership, there’s something every nonprofit can use – from free vouchers, access to our Common Good Store to shop, or Retirement plan participation at no cost to the agency – we have something for every nonprofit organization. A nominal annual fee gives you access to become a OneSource Center member. Nonprofit agencies can choose their level of membership benefits – Basic or Premium. Either way you’ll be a OneSource Center Member, and get all of the added benefits that come with it.



Who is Eligible?

Tax-exempt organizations qualify for OneSource Center membership, including: nonprofits with a tax-exempt 501(c) determination letter from the IRS; public and private schools; government bodies; and faith-based institutions.

Member Rates

OneSource Center is a nonprofit agency itself and relies on memberships to help us amplify our impact in the community. Membership rates are based on agency annual operating budgets (line 12 of IRS form 990) and are valid annually January through December. Basic membership value is $1,450 and Premium membership value is more than $3,000. Spend only a fraction of that on a OneSource Center membership and reap the rewards!
Questions? Contact OneSource Center Membership Coordinator, Erin Long, at or at 513-554-4944.