OneSource Center – Tiered Membership Benefits

We offer two (2) membership levels to appeal to all nonprofits needs and budgets. Click on any benefit for additional details. 





Weekday access to the Common Good Store

Discounts on staff and board training

Consulting Services

Annual, free “nonprofit checkup” organizational assessment (Value $1200)

Free vouchers for nonprofit agency clients to shop in our Common Good Store (Value: $250; $500+)



Retirement plan participation


Affinity health plan program


Free “financial checkup” (Value $750)


Conflict Resolution Package (Value: up to $2000)


Free webinar trainings (Value $100+)



Free Coursera training program licenses, trainings curated for your agency (Value $399)


Even more benefits to be added in 2023!


The Common Good Store

Our Furniture Bank and Marketplace have been helping agencies save money for their programs for over 35 years. Our Furniture Bank has desks, chairs, conference room tables, filing cabinets, shelving and more! Our Marketplace has a large selection of retail products – personal care, school supplies, toys, dishes and a large variety of other household items. All products are discounted 70% or more from retail prices. Members receive membership cards to show upon entry and can shop Monday-Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Discounts on Staff and Board Training

Professional development is an investment in your staff that pays off with increased retention and employee satisfaction. We offer both in-person and virtual capacity-building trainings and workshops throughout the year. Members receive a 15% discount on our already low registration fees. 
*Discounts do not apply to NLIGC Leadership Development and custom training programs.

Four (4) online trainings are offered at no cost for premium members (Value: $100+).

Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services clients will automatically be considered a member with Basic membership benefits  for the calendar year in which a project starts. To upgrade to a Premium membership, contact Beth Yantek and the agency will be invoiced for the difference in the tier fee.

Free “Nonprofit Checkup” Organization Assessment 

This assessment is a high-level review of operations and governance to evaluate current practices, identify potential areas for improvement, and prioritize urgent and important action items to leverage strengths and achieve success. (Value: $1200) The key components are clustered around five dimensions:

  • Leadership: capacity of a nonprofit’s leadership to inspire, prioritize, make decisions, provide direction and innovate
  • Adaptability: capacity of a nonprofit to monitor, assess, and respond to internal and external changes
  • Management: capacity of a nonprofit to ensure the effective and efficient use of organizational resources
  • Operations: capacity of a nonprofit to implement key organizational and programmatic functions
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: capacity of a nonprofit to ensure a diverse and inclusive culture

Send us a Request for Help to schedule your agency check-up.

Free Vouchers to Shop in our Common Goods Store

Our Common Good Voucher Program is designed to support agencies that provide essential household and personal items to individuals in need through their programs. Vouchers are distributed in $25 increments for agencies to give to clients in need. Basic members can request up to 10 vouchers to distribute to their clients (Value: $250); Premium members can request 20 vouchers and if all used, apply for additional, based on availability (Value: $500+) Members who serve clients that would benefit from vouchers can request vouchers by submitting our Common Good Voucher Request Form

Retirement Plan 

We have worked with Ameriprise Financial/Fidant Wealth Partners to offer retirement plan options that have no administrative cost to the agency. For more information, contact David Girmann, Ameriprise Financial Advisor, for more details on options that will be a good fit for your organization. 

Health Plan Options

We are working with Assured Partners to offer an affinity health plan option to nonprofits with 5 or more staff members. This is a self-funded plan with added stop-loss coverage. As a self-funded plan, it is not bound by Affordable Care Act rules and so health histories may be required and not all agencies may qualify. Currently, this option is available for groups with 5 or more people enrolled (staff and dependents). A backup option is an ICHRA (Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement. Arrangement) which is an agency-funded health benefit. With an ICHRA, agencies determine a set budget to reimburse their employees for health insurance (pre-tax), and employees buy the plan that works best for them.  

We have worked diligently to respond to requests for help in this area. OneSource Center and Leadership Council are working together to offer this affordable health care option to our members. Health insurance is a complicated area which our partners at Assured Partners can more fully explain. Learn more about the Fortress Plans Program Overview or contact Nick Beatty, Vice President of Employee Benefits, for more information.

Free “Financial Checkup”

We have partnered with FORVIS a nationally known CPA firm with offices in Cincinnati, to deliver the highest-quality service. A licensed CPA will review your materials and engage in a conversation with you, and then provide professional recommendations to help your organization take its financial health to the next step. (Value: $750)

Just some of the areas to be explored together:

  • Is your income sufficient to cover the real cost of programming?
  • Is budgeting realistic and documented?
  • Do you have appropriate internal controls?
  • How is financial information provided to management?
  • What policies and procedures are written and are they effective?
  • How do you ensure that reporting and accounting are ethical?

Send us a Request for Help to schedule your agency check-up.

Conflict Resolution Package

Conflict resolution skills are helpful in many situations, and being able to recognize conflict at an early stage can be helpful when trying to complete a project and build a team. We are working with the Greater Cincinnati Conflict Resolution Program to offer this array of services to our members. (Value: up to $2000) Agencies can utilize one or all services listed, based on your needs.

Group training
For entire organization/ department/ board—-specific program topics to be determined based on current needs of organization (2-4 hour training, plus all materials and follow-up, as needed.)

Mediation Services
Mentoring provided for managers wishing to increase mediation skills (online) (4 hours).
Services of our trained mediators to conduct up to three mediations (approx. 5 hours each) per year.

Personalized Services
Services provided will be based on current needs and/or future planning. (16 hours of services will be provided as part of the annual benefits package). These will include projects such as:
• Online/phone consultations with designated managers as conflict resolution programs are being developed
• Board/ committee training in conflict resolution
• Development of conflict resolution policy to enhance HR functions
• Others as needed

Send us a Request for Help to connect with conflict resolution services.

Coursera Training Licenses

Thanks to a partnership with P&G, we are able to offer free licenses to Coursera online courses. Coursera offers more than 5,400 courses, Professional Certificates, and degrees from world-class universities and companies such as Duke, Stanford, University of Illinois, Google, and others. (Value: $399)

With the overwhelming number of courses, we make it easy by working with agencies to create a customized selection of courses (although a license entitled the individual to take any course available). Complete a request form and we will follow-up with next steps. 

Check back throughout the year for more benefits to come!