Month: March 2024

Support and Healing for Child Trauma Survivors through New Adventures

One of the hammocks where New Adventure clients can take a nature break

Christy Brock, LISW-S, CCAT, is a Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist and the Executive Director and Founder of New Adventures Counseling. Since 2018, Christy has helped child survivors of trauma find strength, courage, and vulnerability within themselves by engaging with dynamic new environments, particularly those found in nature. Adventure therapy is a dynamic option to traditional mental health therapies, providing limitless options and significant mental health benefits.

Christy recounts a client who came to her practice to work on depression symptoms and childhood trauma. When the client started therapy with New Adventures, they were struggling with their mental health, nearly finding it necessary to transfer from a traditional high school to a virtual one. Inspiringly, through their work with Christy they were able to process their trauma, manage its daily impact and develop coping strategies to utilize when they experience PTSD symptoms. This client has graduated high school, created healthy new friendships and excitingly, won a full scholarship to attend the University of Cincinnati to major in Social Work with plans to become a therapist.

As a small non-profit organization, Christy recognized the value of the resources she could access through a OneSource Membership. Through their membership, New Adventures was able to fully furnish two therapy offices, one waiting room and two home offices, all in a relaxed, natural style that puts their clients at ease. They have also utilized the voucher program to support local families in getting essential supplies from the Common Good Store.

New Adventures has just launched an LGBTQIA+ support group for high school students on Wednesdays from 6-7 p.m. and plans to start a group for early elementary students with ADHD. Additionally, New Adventures offers “intensives” for individuals, involving a half or full day of adventure created especially for them, focusing on their unique goals.

New Adventures is currently accepting interns for the summer and fall semesters and is always open to volunteers to help with organization and gear maintenance. Donations of hiking and water shoes, water bottles, rain gear, hammocks, sleeping bags, backpacks and any gently used outdoor gear are greatly appreciated. They are also looking for community partners to collaborate with to offer programming to BIPOC families.

To learn more about New Adventures Counseling, please visit their website or call them at 513-341-8729.

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