Month: May 2020

May 2020 Newsletter

Haile Grant Provides Nonprofit Support

OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence thanks The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation for their $15,000 grant to support consulting projects with nonprofit organizations. Through this grant, nonprofits will be strengthened for greater impact in the community.

New location at 936 Dalton Avenue!

OneSource Center continues its support of nonprofits, always looking for expanded ways to be of service to those we serve in the region. On June 1 we relocated to our new location at 936 Dalton Avenue, Cincinnati, 45203! The location is more centrally located and much more accessible to the pulse of the region and to the nonprofit clients OneSource Center serves. We look forward to working with you from this centralized hub.

The new location has easy interstate and city access, has plenty of parking, and is in a light industrial area (very similar to our current location.) The Shoppers Club layout and merchandising will have a new look and expanded offerings will be presented to nonprofits in the months to come. It is an exciting time for us to share our resources with the community. contacts and in-kind donations — everything from a new delivery truck signage wrap to temporary warehouse storage assistance to design, warehouse take-down and preparation, flooring renovation and even help with painting.

Official kudos and thank yous to come — but once again city leaders, local businesses and individuals alike recognize the importance of the OneSource Center mission and stand by us with their support.

Stay tuned for grand opening announcements!

Brand Building for Nonprofits Can Support Your Mission & Raise Resources

DATE:  Friday, June 5, 2020

TIME:  9 – 10:30 a.m. 


     – Michelle Thompson, Chief Creative Strategist & Design, BRANDSPARK, Cincinnati

     – Christine Sech, Brand Building Strategist, Brave Oak Brand Building, Cincinnati

Want to learn how a brand-led focus can clearly and meaningfully convey the value of your organization to donors, clients, volunteers and the community?  Join seasoned presenters at this FREE webinar as they share their brand building expertise in marketing and design to learn why a strong brand is key to success; when is the right time to make a change and how to break through the noise without breaking the bank.  Webinar Bonus:  Everyone who registers will receive a Brand Building Evaluator tool to identify where your organization stands today and three action steps you can implement tomorrow. 

Register here today for webinar links! 

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Michelle Thompson, Chief Creative Strategist & Design, BRANDSPARK, Cincinnati, Ohio

Michelle is an accomplished brand strategist and creative director with over 15 years experience building market leader brands with Procter & Gamble and most recently with non-profits and start-ups through her company, BrandSpark. Michelle understands how to turn brand strategy into creative expressions that inspire consumers to act. She’s created memorable brand driven consumer experiences from new product innovation and naming all the way through to package design and advertising including traditional and digital campaigns.




Christine Sech, Brand Building Strategist, Brave Oak Brand Building, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Christine is an innovative brand builder with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her passion is helping companies meaningfully connect with people through actionable brand strategies that enable growth. Her experience spans Brand & Design Strategy, Consumer Insights, and Marketing for Fortune 500 Companies, Non-Profit Organizations and Digitally Native Start-ups.


OneSource Center Webinar CARES Act Tips and Insight

OneSource Center Webinar

CARES Act Tips and Insight

Resources and Implications for Your Nonprofit

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 3:30 p.m.

Presented by: OneSource Center, PAST Foundation and ProBono Partnership of Ohio

Session included: 

  • OneSource Center consultants Brian Robson and Anne Cook presented an overview of the CARES Act legislation as of April 7; strategic thinking on utilizing these resources; and an overview of implications for nonprofits. 
  • PAST Foundation’s Annaliese Corbin shared a case study on how their organization utilized this legislation. 
  • ProBono Partnership of Ohio offered legal perspective on best practices in CARES Act usage.