Month: June 2020

Positive Community Impact Amidst COVID-19 Through Free Public Offering

Nonprofit agencies, family members and friends waited patiently for doors to open on June 26 for OneSource Center’s public offering of home assist items for those in need.   The items, designed to help those with mobility issues, had been donated to OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence through Good 360, a partner organization that secures retail donations for nonprofits.  These items were then offered to homes and organizations where they would be utilized.  At the end of the two-day free offering, over 235 items were placed in needy homes and organizations.  Community members and agencies obtained items for family or clients who were disabled, had mobility issues, or for loved ones who were recovering from recent surgeries.

“OneSource Center is a resource center for nonprofits, but our ultimate goal is to make an impact on the lives of the people in our region,” said OneSource Center CEO Christie Brown.  “We worked with our consultant team to spread the word of this free offering to nonprofits and individuals alike.  The stories of how these items will be used by community members is heart-warming and proves if we are all creative we can each make a difference through our own systems of outreach.” (more…)

COVID-19 Legal Consultations

In order to address nonprofits’ COVID-19 employment questions as quickly as possible Pro Bono Partnership of Ohio (PBPO) is offering free 30-minute legal consultations through its Employment Helpline. This is for PBPO clients only. Not a PBPO client? Apply today or email for more information. To request a slot, simply email PBPO with your specific legal questions.

Nonprofit Open Shopping Days Every Day in June and July

We have Open Shopping Days for all nonprofits every week day in June and July! To purchase items, you will need to bring in your organization’s IRS Determination Letter to show tax-exempt status. Organizations need to pay with a company check or credit card.

Who can apply for Shoppers Club membership? Membership guidelines have been EXTENDED to include any tax-exempt 501c organization including schools, government entities and religious institutions! Many organizations visit the Shoppers Club for desks, chairs, book shelves, file cabinets, coat trees, garbage cans and more!

Home offices need additional furniture? With COVID-19 requiring many to work from home, items can now be purchased for home office use as well! Not a member yet? Not a problem! If you are a tax-exempt 501c organization, including a school, government entity or religious institution — come check out our offerings!

June 2020 Newsletter

FREE Public Offering — Home Care Assist Items

On Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27 from 9 a.m. – noon, OneSource Center will be offering home care assist items to the general public as a goodwill gesture during these challenging times.  The items were donated through a OneSource Center source, and are for people in need.  Items cannot be resold nor returned to a store for cash or credit.   The general public can visit OneSource Center at their new location at 936 Dalton Avenue, Cincinnati.  The location has free parking, and is conveniently located to interstate and downtown Cincinnati!  

Safety first! A drive-through option will be available if needed.
Guests should follow social distancing guidelines and wear a mask. 
Items are for people in need and may not be resold or returned to a store for cash or credit.

Offered items include:

Bedside commodes
Shower benches
Stand assists
Transfer benches and boards
Bed side rails
Bath lifts

A flyer highlighting the FREE public offering is located here
Please distribute the flyer to those in the community who would appreciate these items! (more…)