Center for Addiction Treatment Brightens Renovated Space with OneSource Center Offerings

The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) was able to find just the “perfect” artwork at OneSource Center’s redistribution warehouse this week.  Five new pieces of art will “finish off” their newly renovated Monarch Center for its grand opening on Friday, May 7.  The CAT’s Monarch Center will house the organization’s Intensive Outpatient Program and Family Services programs. 

CEO Chellie McLellan said their staff started visiting the warehouse on Open Shopping Days (the last Wednesday of the month when all nonprofits can shop without membership) but today signed up for an annual membership to take advantage of 5-day-a-week accessibility to nonprofit savings.  She said the annual membership fee was minimal and the organization can stretch its budget significantly here by taking advantage of these offerings.

“OneSource Center’s warehouse has become the place we go to first when we need office furnishings or mission items.  Having the location near downtown makes this a convenient, quick stop and we love the idea of recycling – re-using something for good that might have been discarded.” 

Dress for Success Case Study: Logistics and Work Flow Support

While many agency executives think “consulting” automatically means strategic planning, board development or even financial recommendations – sometimes consulting means logistics planning, modifying work process solutions, writing revisions to job descriptions or even doing grant research.  

For Dress for Success Cincinnati, having OneSource Center as a resource on all these topics has been a tremendous support as the organization prepares for its upcoming move to Norwood in June.   

According to Executive Director Lisa Nolan, when she and her team need help, she asks “How can we utilize OneSource Center’s services to assist us in this effort?”   

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Wanting to best utilize volunteers and the tremendous number of clothing donations coming through their facility, Dress for Success collaborated with OneSource Center to build efficiency systems into its inventory process and to make recommendations on staffing for the Donation Center. 

“Often what happens in organizations is that once work practices and department responsibilities are established, they are simply repeated over time without questioning if they are still the best approach,” said OneSource Center’s VP Consulting Services Vickie Ciotti. (more…)

Free Music Presentations for Clients in Group Settings

Do you have clients in a group setting that would appreciate free virtual music presentations and/or “in-person” performances by a local high school student group? “The Power of Music” (POM) is a group of students from Indian Hill High School that has assembled videos of musical compositions (ensembles, duets and solos) that can be turned into a tailor-made video or live performance for your organization. The compositions have been created to spread joy, and presentations can be created in 30-minute segments. The group will narrate the selections, and will assist with creation of simple flyers if needed. For more information, email Joseph Kayne. A preview of selections is here. Offers One-stop Reference for Pandemic Relief Info

Hamilton County now has a one-stop website for COVID-19 relief information called The fabulous website through the formation of the COVID19 Economic Recovery and Relief Task Force by the Hamilton County Commissioners. The task force was created to meet the critical needs of families and businesses affected by the pandemic. View to investigate these resources: housing and utility relief, food assistance, employment, small business, vaccine and testing and other services (mental health, addiction recovery, domestic violence, , minority health services, free public wifi, healthcare, legal help for seniors and taxes.) 

WCPO Highlights OneSource Center Impact in “Acts of Kindness” Feature

OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence offers nonprofits in the region resources to support their missions, making a positive impact on our community as a whole. Listen as Kristyn Hartman from WCPO, Channel 9 interviews CEO Christie Brown about OneSource Center’s offerings including its redistribution warehouse, consulting services and training opportunities. Listen also as Welcome House of Northern Kentucky shares how OneSource Center’s offerings help this organization succeed in helping those in need.  Do you know a nonprofit in need of assistance?  Contact OneSource Center today.  We want to help!  

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