Month: November 2022

Bethany House Services: Grateful for OneSource Center Furniture Options

When Bethany House Services needed furniture for its new centralized facility, it knew where to turn!  OneSource Center’s Furniture Bank was proud to work with the organization so it can utilize the furniture pictured here for good use.  The organization, a local nonprofit empowering homeless and at-risk families with solutions to achieve housing stability and long-term self-sufficiency, recently consolidated its services under one roof at 4769 Reading Road.  Is your facility in need of supplemental office furniture or a total revamp?  Visit OneSource Center today at 936 Dalton Avenue, Cincinnati, just off the River Road exit!

OneSource Center Highlight: Consultants in the Community

Consultants are an integral part of what we do here at OneSource Center. By sharing their expertise, they contribute greatly to the success of nonprofits in this community. This summer, Judy Mitchell of OneSource Center joined members of the Ski For Light (SFL)Executive Committee here in Cincinnati for some in-person meetings, team-building, and a leadership coaching session. With Judy’s varied skills including project management, strategic development and implementation, budget development and oversight, she was able to offer valuable information to the SFL team. Judy asked pinpointed, pertinent questions and really got the team thinking about the role they play at Ski for Light and the organization’s future.

“Judy really did her homework, coming in with a deep understanding of what we do here at Ski for Light, why we do it, and how each of us might be approaching our volunteer roles differently, in ways that sometimes lead to misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and even mistrust. She challenged us to try on some new ways of thinking about all that, and in particular, she encouraged us “doers” (and some of us do a lot here) to imagine ourselves more as teachers. How can we activate our own experience and knowledge in collaboration with others, in support of their learning and growth as leaders, instead of just owning all that work ourselves? said Julie Coppens, SFL President

This is just one example of the excellent work our OneSource Center consultants do, when helping businesses in our community. Our team of consultants range in expertise and have ample knowledge to help nonprofits succeed. To learn more about our consultants and how we can help, visit the OneSource Center website.

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