Month: July 2020

Camp Joy’s Free Virtual Energizer

The Coronavirus has seriously disrupted the way we all work. Online meetings and remote offices pose new challenges to productivity, communication and team cohesion. Camp Joy understands that teams need to reconnect and re-build and their “Venture Out!” team is there to help. The leadership group is offering a FREE 20-minute virtual team energizer for any group size to help foster teamwork and energy! July 1 st 2020 – August 31st 2020. *Limited spots available Now accepting reservations Please contact Kelly Kessler with your date!

July 2020 Newsletter

Relaunch Program Supports Nonprofit Success in Uncertain Times

In addition to OneSource Center’s consulting services, our knowledgeable team has developed a “Relaunch Program” for nonprofits in response to the changing environment we are all working in. Many organizations have utilized this assistance in revisioning their future direction, and we give thanks to the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati Foundation‘s COVID-19 Regional Reponse Fund for their grant support so we are able to underwrite many of these relaunch consulting projects for our clients.

The Relaunch Program guides organizations through an assessment of their operations while helping explore areas for either ending programs with shrinking Return on Investment (ROI) or expansion of services where there is increased need. Onesource Center’s consultants will work with nonprofits to revisit their mission, evaluate current and potential program areas, forecast their financial picture and build a plan for moving forward.

Want more details on how we can help? Contact Vickie Ciotti, VP Consulting Services.

Leadership Programs Offered Through NLIGC

Thanks to the dedicated work and mentorship of so many OneSource Center consultants, two NLIGC leadership development classes have recently graduated fabulous groups of individuals ready to make an impact in our region. The programs, ADVANCE and EXCEL, have trained hundreds of leaders in our region. If you are unfamiliar with the details of this experience often termed “transformational” and “highly impactful” go to the NLIGC website link here.

EXCEL, a nine-month leadership development and skills training program for nonprofit executive directors and high-level managers, is designed to enrich the management  capabilities of those individuals inspired to lead nonprofit organizations in the Greater Cincinnati region. ADVANCE is a program designed for new managers (six months to four years of management experience) that strengthens leadership and management skills through mini lectures, relying on research from experts, along with significant experiential learning, practical exercises and group discussions. 


NOTE: Photo above was taken at the EXCEL kick-off event held at Camp Joy in September 2019.

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