OneSource Center boasts a volunteer workforce of more than 100 individuals with executive leadership and management skills developed in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. With an average of 25 years of professional experience, our volunteer consultants are well qualified to help find solutions to the unique challenges you face. 

Because our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds, our teams possess the range of expertise you need to work through operational issues, strategic challenges, or leadership development concerns. Working collaboratively with you, your project will yield a detailed plan with clear steps to implement your solutions, which followed will strengthen your organization.

Our core consulting services and examples of common project types within those core areas include:

  • Strategic Planning
    • Facilitate the development of goals, objectives, strategies and measures and strategic plan creation; organizational assessment; visioning; action planning and dashboard development; sustainability strategies
  • Board Strengthening and Development
    • Roles and responsibilities training, guided self-assessments, stakeholder interviews, bylaws and other documentation development and review, retreat design and facilitation, mission/vision/values workshop
  • Business Solutions
    • Budget and financial review, best practice and market research, process mapping, marketing, feasibility studies, fundraising strategy, data analysis, business planning, business plan development and review, financial forecast, competitive analysis summary  
  • Leadership Development and HR Problem-Solving/Planning
    • Talent management/management skill building, succession planning, roundtable discussion facilitation, executive searches, workforce engagement survey and evaluation, training on human resources and employment standards, team-building design and facilitation

By no means is this an exhaustive list of the types of projects we do. Moreover, with a portfolio of nearly 1,000 projects completed since 1995, it’s likely we can provide assistance to your unique situation. Additionally, OneSource Center is an affiliate of the Executive Service Corps-United States, a national network of organizations that provide consulting, coaching, facilitation and many other services to strengthen nonprofits, which means access to thousands of volunteer professionals with myriad talents.

OneSource Center also offers a variety of training opportunities and coaching services. Click on these links to find out more:     TRAINING     COACHING    

Please contact us soon to discuss your nonprofit needs.

How a Project Works

After receiving your Request for Assistance, we meet with you to understand your needs in depth and assess and prioritize the ways in which we can help. We will prepare a consulting agreement,  concisely detailing the scope, duration and cost of the project. Then we assemble a team, led by a project manager, to work with you and your team.

While the duration of all projects varies depending upon complexity, on average, most will be concluded in six months. We work hard to ensure that we have met or exceeded your expectations.

Most importantly, your nonprofit will come away with the tools and strategies you need to achieve maximum community impact.

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