Positive Community Impact Amidst COVID-19 Through Free Public Offering

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Nonprofit agencies, family members and friends waited patiently for doors to open on June 26 for OneSource Center’s public offering of home assist items for those in need.   The items, designed to help those with mobility issues, had been donated to OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence through Good 360, a partner organization that secures retail donations for nonprofits.  These items were then offered to homes and organizations where they would be utilized.  At the end of the two-day free offering, over 235 items were placed in needy homes and organizations.  Community members and agencies obtained items for family or clients who were disabled, had mobility issues, or for loved ones who were recovering from recent surgeries.

“OneSource Center is a resource center for nonprofits, but our ultimate goal is to make an impact on the lives of the people in our region,” said OneSource Center CEO Christie Brown.  “We worked with our consultant team to spread the word of this free offering to nonprofits and individuals alike.  The stories of how these items will be used by community members is heart-warming and proves if we are all creative we can each make a difference through our own systems of outreach.”

Free items offered included bedside commodes, shower benches, stand assists, transfer benches and boards, bed side rails, over-the-bed tray tables and bath lifts.  St. Joseph’s Home was one of the recipients of the items.  The organization currently has one home, but has recently purchased a second home being outfitted for adults and children with developmental disabilities that  use a wheelchair for mobility. 

“This equipment we received couldn’t have come at a better time, said Becky Watson, Vice President of Community Services for St. Joseph’s.  “Some of the people who are in our new home are exiting prior living arrangements and need new equipment in this new location.  We had already prioritized their needs, and could only ask insurance for the items that are the most pressing.  Because of this offering from OneSource Center, we could cross several of the the items we obtained off that list and our clients didn’t have to wait for items that give them independence and choices.” 

Chelaniye Jackson, a case worker for Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Services, has a client that needed equipment to help get in the shower after recent back surgery and her supervisor told her about this public offering. “I can’t believe this was available,” she said.  

Cindy Speight’s elderly aunt needed multiple items not covered under her insurance plan, and Cindy was able to gather items her aunt will be able to put to immediate use. 

May We Help, a volunteer organization that designs and creates unique custom solutions for individuals with special needs, was thankful to obtain items that can be used to support community members.  Program Director Brean Wilkerson said the items can be modified for specific needs, or will be used in their annual adaptive equipment swap, an event where people can trade or obtain needed items for no cost.  “This offering will allow us to expand the inventory we have for this important event, and is so appreciated!” 

Ashley Woolum is a dynamic student leader with a bachelors in Exercise and Sports Science who is pursuing an Occupational Therapy Assistant degree from Cincinnati State on her mission to eventually obtain a MBA in Occupational Therapy.  Her advisor at Cincinnati State told her about the OneSource Center offering, and Woolum recognized she could obtain items for some of the home care clients she is working with in her degree program.  “I am so appreciative of all of these items that I can share with clients in need.  These are items people need but often can’t afford to obtain.”  

Stephanie Brown has an aging mother-in-law with mobility issues, and found out about the free item availability through a family group chat that includes nurses and social workers.  She was able to obtain numerous items that are not covered by insurance.  “These items will allow my mother-in-law to be comfortable and safe in her own home.” 

Susan Collins, a therapist with Mercy Home Care, said she works with many clients who don’t have access to these items.  She often goes to resale shops searching for these items and often buys things with her own money to help.  “I can’t tell you how much these items are needed.  This is such an amazing help to many people in need.” 

Rose Corgan and Joanne Londin are sisters, and have a mother who often falls out of bed and calls the Fire Department to give her assistance if the daughters cannot be there to help.  Their mom’s case manager from the Council on Aging told them about this offering, and they came seeking help.  “These items are not covered by insurance.  By getting this bed rail and other items, we can hopefully help mom not have to have a hospital bed which will make her feel more comfortable in her home setting.” 


Home Care Assist Public Offering

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