Peer-to-Peer Roundtable: COVID-19 Response Assistance

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Lots of great sharing at today’s Cincinnati regional “Peer-to-Peer Roundtable LIVE: Develop Your Nonprofit COVID-19 Playbook.” Thank you to presenters, hosts and all who participated today:  OneSource Center for Nonprofit Excellence, Leadership Council for Nonprofits, the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber. YMCA of Greater Cincinnati, Freestore Foodbank and The Center for Respite Care

More details on how OneSource Center can assist in your COVID-19 response:

  • Consulting/Coaching Services:  OneSource Center has over 100 senior volunteer consultants, trained in strategic planning, business practices, human resources and a wide range of disciplines. Contact Vickie Ciotti, VP of Consulting services at or go to our website for more information.  We can work with you on visioning and/or agency planning for your “next normal” in light of COVID-19.  The link to our consulting services is here.
  • OneSource Center Shoppers Club:  Need supplies to support your mission? OneSource Center Shoppers Club is Open for email orders and pre-arranged pick-up!  (Temporarily closed for on-site shopping.) Check out our most recent Shopper Club flyer.   Email if you want to purchase items. 
  • COVID-19 Resource information on the OneSource Center website is here

Thanks to Kristin McLane from The Vivid Ink for creating the artwork documenting some of the information shared at today’s session!  (Vivid Ink will document your strategic sessions for free during the COVID-19 crisis.  Contact her for more information.)