Center for Addiction Treatment Brightens Renovated Space with OneSource Center Offerings

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The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) was able to find just the “perfect” artwork at OneSource Center’s redistribution warehouse this week.  Five new pieces of art will “finish off” their newly renovated Monarch Center for its grand opening on Friday, May 7.  The CAT’s Monarch Center will house the organization’s Intensive Outpatient Program and Family Services programs. 

CEO Chellie McLellan said their staff started visiting the warehouse on Open Shopping Days (the last Wednesday of the month when all nonprofits can shop without membership) but today signed up for an annual membership to take advantage of 5-day-a-week accessibility to nonprofit savings.  She said the annual membership fee was minimal and the organization can stretch its budget significantly here by taking advantage of these offerings.

“OneSource Center’s warehouse has become the place we go to first when we need office furnishings or mission items.  Having the location near downtown makes this a convenient, quick stop and we love the idea of recycling – re-using something for good that might have been discarded.”