8 Business Re-Start Suggestions for Regional Nonprofits

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Nonprofits and businesses alike are being encouraged to design a re-start plan unique to their own operations even before the multi-phased re-opening of Ohio’s economy starting on May 1, 2020.  Cincinnati’s Government Strategies Group elaborated on these suggestions below in the April 21, 2020 Cincinnati Business Courier article “Here are 8 things you need to consider before reopening your business“:  

  • Be working on a plan right now. 
  • Write down specific policies. 
  • Be thinking about what supplies you’ll need when reopening. (This could include hand sanitizer, masks and disinfecting wipes.)
  • Know the levels your business will be able to operate at. 
  • Communicate, both internally and externally. 
  • Lead from the top. 
  • Stay tuned in. 
  • Be patient.

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