Local Nonprofit Leader is Recipient of Karen Wellington Foundation Work

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Karen Wellington was an inspiring woman living with breast cancer who had a dream that all women living with breast cancer have the opportunity to do just that – LIVE. Enjoy life. Go places. Plan trips. Have fun. 

In 2007, her family made the step to have her dream – and her legacy – live on as a nonprofit, the Karen Wellington Foundation. Today, that dream has turned into a growing foundation helping women living with breast cancer, and after more than a decade in existence, it was time for that vision to be put to paper with a strategic plan. That’s when OneSource Center was called in. 

Through the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, Karen’s family started the nonprofit with the idea to offer vacation rentals and experiences through the donations of others. Recently, this volunteer-run organization expanded with paid staff, and momentum was building to begin a capital campaign. 

Our highly trained consultants helped the organization develop a strategic plan, including working with the board to develop the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Working with multiple stakeholders, a steering team, and board, together they developed a plan that allowed the organization to build capacity, be more inclusive, be more creative in their strategy and increase awareness globally, thus increasing donations.

The Karen Wellington Foundation Executive Director, Alexia Zigorie, says, “The project was a huge success. It was not only completed in a timely manner, but it was a collaborative effort with OneSource Center’s consultants – and it was FUN – one of our organization’s core values.”

With a strategic plan in place, the Karen Wellington Foundation is now growing – reaching those who’ve been impacted by breast cancer in chapters across the country. The true testament of a legacy of a Cincinnati woman continues to live on – and through – the lives of many women in the breast cancer recovery process. The executive director of one of OneSource Center’s collaborating partners – Cincinnati Toolbank Kat Pepmeyer, was a recent recipient of a trip, courtesy of the Karen Wellington’s Foundation, after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year. 

 At OneSource Center, we’re proud that our service offerings can help so many nonprofits do more. For more information on the Karen Wellington Foundation, visit www.karenwellingtonfoundation.org.