Info Gathering Helps Drive Mission Reach — Stakeholder Interviews, Feasibility Study Assessments, Grant Research

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What do others think about our organization? What best practices from around the country should we incorporate?  Who else provides a similar service?  How can we scale up? Are we eligible for any upcoming grants?

These and similar questions often get raised within area nonprofits.  But, when their staffs are stretched to the gills, timely responses are sometimes hard to achieve. When it comes to researching topics that can help agencies drive mission reach, OneSource Center leads the way!  And often, this is exactly the type of project that gets pushed to the backburner due to lack of agency resources to do the interviews. 

When can OneSource Center be brought in to “flush out” a topic? 

  • Stakeholder Interviews–What do clients, funders, volunteers, collaborative partners, and others think about your services?  We provide trained neutral and unbiased interviewers to design, conduct, and help you analyze the results to key questions you need answered as you engage in strategic planning or business service changes.
  • Feasibility Study Assessments–How much can you raise in a special campaign and what is a reasonable timeline for doing so? Are other nonprofits seeking similar funding?  Does the agency have a history or mission fit with targeted funders?  Is the new program feasible?  Should you own or rent your building? 
  • Are there grant funders we haven’t considered or program elements that could get support through targeted grant research? 

Want to see how our specialized consulting services can help your organization attain best in class status?  Contact Vickie Ciotti, VP Consulting Services at   A conversation is FREE, and could get your organization on a path to increased reach!  OneSource Center is a nonprofit ourselves – we want to help you succeed!