Free Nonprofit Checkups Give Insight

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Did you know OneSource Center offers FREE Nonprofit Check-ups, helping organizations assess the health of their nonprofit? The process is simple – usually involving the CEO and board chair providing some key information from materials they already have on hand. For most nonprofits who already have more to do than they can handle – this tool helps leaders prioritize where they should focus their efforts – something that is often difficult when organization leaders are in the “thick of things.” Why does OneSource Center offer this complimentary service? The answer is simple: OneSource Center wants nonprofits to succeed!

UpSpring, a nonprofit whose mission is to empower children experiencing homelessness in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky through education and enrichment opportunities, took advantage of the free OneSource Center Nonprofit Check-up process after hearing about it at the Social Venture Partner “Fast Pitch” competition. The process sounded interesting to Executive Director Alex Kuhns and the price was right!

“The free Nonprofit Check-up process we went through with OneSource Center was a time for our organization to pause and quickly reflect on what we were doing well, and where we needed to make some adjustments,” said Kuhns.  “As it turned out, some of the things our team was concerned about were things we could eliminate to better focus on things that had more impact. The process began some great conversations with our staff and board, and set the stage for a strategic planning initiative that ultimately helped us pivot easier with the pandemic response we are implementing now.” 

The Nonprofit Check-up helps an organization look at what they are doing well and where there may be room for improvement. Nonprofit leaders and/or board members participate in a couple short meetings with OneSource Center consultants to help define a clear understanding of the organization, and to reflect on programs and procedures already in place. More board members or staff can be involved in the process if the agency wants. 

Agencies that have utilized the offering have praised the visioning received, and were able to move forward more confidently on strategic direction. Want to learn more? Contact Vickie Ciotti.