DEI Important Element of FREE Nonprofit Checkup

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Following feedback from nonprofit clients, OneSource Center recently tested and added a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) component to our FREE Nonprofit Checkup. The Nonprofit Checkup helps agencies narrow down the top priorities to undertake in the upcoming year. With the new DEI component, the free assessment can be used to review governance, recruitment, and organizational culture — all important elements for review! Other modules included in the FREE Nonprofit Checkup include leadership capacity, management capacity, operational capacity and readiness to adapt to change.  Organizations that have utilized this evaluation tool sing its praises.  (Read a testimonial here.)  

Demonstrate to your stakeholders that you are on the cutting edge of service delivery with this DEI-sensitive Nonprofit Checkup tool. Contact Vickie Ciottii, Vice President, Consulting Services to schedule your assessment today! A conversation is FREE, and could get your organization on a path to improved DEI initiatives.