Check it out! Nonprofits Welcome to Explore

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Newcomers to the OneSource Center’s warehouse are often amazed at the incredible array of discounted furniture and retail offerings available to nonprofits — all for a fraction of the cost of retail! We are the only one of our kind in the region for nonprofits, and we love to spread the word.

If you have never been to OneSource Center — How about a field trip on Nonprofit Shopping Day, the last Wednesday of the month? (The next Nonprofit Shopping Day is March 27.) Details of the open shopping day are here. Reasonably priced memberships are available to 501c3 organizations for year-round, weekday access to the warehouse, but many organizations take advantage of the Nonprofit Shopping Day to become familiar with offerings.

What can you expect when you visit? Lobby furniture, desks, office chairs, file cabinets, shelving units and conference room tables are all donated by corporations and then these items are made available to nonprofits at a fraction of the cost of retail! In the Marketplace area, visitors fill their carts with bed linens, household items, office supplies, pet supplies or even a piece of art to hang on their agency’s wall. A wide range of items are available. It is not unusual for us to receive donations of room dividers, lockers, children’s toys or medical equipment to name a few items. OneSource Center partners with an organization called Good 360 that channels corporate retail donations to its member redistribution centers — and we are that center in the region. You never know what we might be getting in!

Questions? Contact the office at 513-554-4944! We welcome your visit!