“A Circus with a Purpose” Nonprofit Thank You Event: Highlights and Photos

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Nonprofit staffs and their families turned out in force to celebrate their front-line impact on our region on Sunday, October 25, 2020 at OneSource Center’s Drive-Through “A  Circus with a Purpose.”  Lots of smiles as audiences experienced featured acts from the Cincinnati Circus, the Syrian Shrine Clowns, the “Polished Brass” QuintetCincinnati Reds’ Rosie Red, the Cincinnati Fire Museum, and additional circus treats.  Goodie bags, popcorn, United Dairy Farmers ice cream and laughter were also shared by all.   Special thanks to all OneSource Center sponsors, donors and volunteers who made the event possible and support our belief that nonprofits are vital to a thriving community!  

Did you get your photo taken by one of our event photographers?  Check out your smiling face at our “A Circus with a Purpose” Smiling Face Club page!  

Our “A Circus with a Purpose” Event Video features highlights of the day’s events.  We also have a recap of the Awards presentations!  You can find both here.  

Thank you to our sponsors, donors and friends who made this event possible.  

Enjoy memories of the fun Drive-Through Circus experience below!