Community Service Volunteer Opportunities at OneSource Center’s Shoppers Club

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In addition to volunteer opportunities in our consulting group, there are also opportunities for community service the OneSource Center Shoppers Club.

Beyond office furniture offerings, the Shoppers Club also features new items in our Marketplace area which go to help nonprofits fill operational needs. Items are obtained from corporate donations, and through shipments from Good 360. (Good 360 is a national nonprofit that channels corporate donations through redistribution partners for nonprofit use. OneSource Center is the only redistribution partner in our region.) Donations of new items come to us by the truckload, and then need to be sorted, priced and displayed.

Volunteers are needed for regular service (i.e. a set day each week, bi-weekly, etc.) but scheduling can also be flexible to accommodate travel, etc.

Pictured above are Beth Wayne (left) and Rose Andriacco, who come for a couple hours weekly, and chose to work together because they enjoyed working as a “team.” Beth, a corporate attorney, said she wanted to have a volunteer opportunity where she could have a “hands on” impact. They both see the work as fulfilling and gratifying as they see how agencies are using the items from our Shoppers Club shelves.

Interested in learning more about this opportunity or have a friend who this might interest? Volunteers wear masks and work within safe, physical distancing guidelines. Contact Connie Hinitz.