“All of the sessions allowed me the opportunity for growth. I have been stretched in areas I did not realize were areas that needed attention.”


“Thank you to the facilitators for an engaging & enriching training. I did not know what to expect but it was such a great mix of discussion and lecture.”


“I appreciated the time to reflect and apply new ideas to my work as the training was occurring.”


“I thought that all materials were very beneficial to my learning and growth as a leader in my role. Amazing training!”


“This session series truly promotes self accountability and self reflection.  It also helps you identify areas of opportunity to evolve as a professional.”


“Amazing energy & presentations from facilitators”


“Very, very thankful for this class!  Also excited to have these materials to continue to learn from in the future.”


“Came away with really great strategies & tools.  Great opportunity to learn from peers and reflect on my strengths and areas to grow.”


“I really enjoyed the course.  Great facilitators!  Very important skills for emerging leaders to master.” 



“The content was all helpful and impactful; the networking and relationships that were formed throughout will have a lasting impact on me personally and professionally. I really enjoyed the strengths based leadership and the EI inventory, as well as access to individualized coaching.”  


“EXCEL was a very good program. It allowed me to see where I was as a leader and also where I had the opportunity to make some changes. I am quiet by nature so I am always working to ensure my voice is heard even in tough situations.  EXCEL taught me a lot about how to continue to lead and work to make changes at all times.” 


“This program is excellent- a real crash course for leaders-to- be, that’s easy to fit into an already busy schedule. Highly recommended!”


“I was provided a wealth of valuable information to use at my agency. I use the tools I was provided with on a daily basis.  I especially valued the opportunity to have a Coach.”


“Camp Joy was awesome. Peer advisory group and mentor created lasting relationships. The opportunity to do personal work through assessments and creating the PGP (Personal Growth Plan) were all very helpful.”


“It was a great experience! I am grateful for the opportunity and know it will be impactful for my career and work at my agency.”


“The entire experience was exceptional and exceeded my expectations. While I appreciated the knowledge development/functional skills focus, the self-discovery and development were of the greatest value.” 


“Overall, I am much more confident. The shift in my thinking EXCEL brought about has completely transformed how I interact with the other senior managers, as well as with my own staff.” 


“Collaboration with other individuals in same or similar positions was really helpful. Honestly all the areas that were included in our program I still use today.”