Marketplace Shoppers: Annual Review of Donor Restrictions

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Shoppers in our Marketplace are asked to sign an agreement to guarantee that goods purchased help those in need and ensure that donor’s specific requirements for distribution of goods are met.

Please be sure that you alert your staff members making purchases at OneSource Center of Good 360 instructions that stipulate:

  • donated goods are to be used only for people in need
  • items are not to be resold or returned to the store for credit
  • products may not be used in fundraising activities
  • items are not given to agency volunteers or staff.

Please review the entire agreement with your staff who visit our Marketplace.

Questions? Contact OneSource Center staff at 513-554-4944.

A reminder: Your organization can enjoy a FREE Good360 membership to take advantage of their product offerings with deep discounts off retail prices. Join under OneSource’s parent code (100065684), and you will receive an additional 20% discount off many products. Additionally, you can be matched with a local retailer to receive either one-time or regular donations of clothing, toys, home goods and other needed goods. Full instructions for registering with our parent code.