“Building Blocks” Workshop — Strategic Planning

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On November 21, 2019 from 9 a.m. – noon, “Building Blocks” attendees will learn the six main elements of strategic planning: preparing, listening, envisioning, planning, executing and evaluating. Reviewing each of the steps to discover their importance in creating and executing your strategic goals. We will also look at common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Additionally, we will examine how an organization utilizes their staff  to ensure that coverage of operational, tactical and strategic responsibilities is being planned and utilized in a way that helps to achieve your organizations goals. Finally, we will look at how to audit and measure your processes to identify areas of success and areas to improve. This class should give you tools ensure that you are able to put your strategic vision into an operational process.

Presented by: Annette Higgins, an established leader in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Currently, she consults, teaches and coaches leadership with several organizations as well as providing compliance guidance in the payments industry. She has also been an invited speaker at several regional and national conferences and a volunteer consultant for OneSource Center. Her background includes nine years as a continuing education instructor for Miami University where she designed and taught classes specifically for professional/adult learners – catering to their specific needs and motivations. Her goal is to provide students with not only the fundamentals, but also prepare them to implement the lesson operationally.

A full calendar of OneSource Center “Building Blocks” workshops is available online! Future workshops range from marketing plan development to team building and grant writing! Check it out here!

NOTE New location: Starting with the January 2019 offering, OneSource Center’s “Building Blocks” monthly seminars will be held at OneSource Center’s spacious and beautifully appointed Park 42 Conference Center in Sharonville, just minutes from the Sharonville 275 exit. Bonus: All seminar attendees are eligible to shop and to receive a 10% discount coupon to visit our warehouse after the seminar